Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial - Part 1

An introduction to Bash Shell scripting

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part 1 of our Bash Scripting tutorial we will cover some very basic information. What is a shell? We will look at how to use variables and the structure of a Bash Shell script.

Bash Introduction

Bash Introduction. What is Bash? Bourne Again Shell.

What is a Shell?

Internal and External Commands, Type command, Bash Configuration Files - Startup Files.

Bash Command Interpreter

Command substitution, wildcard expansion, Single quotes and double quotes explained.

Output Streams

Standard input, Standard Output and Standard error explained. Pipes and redirection.

Working with Variables

Assigning values to variables, IFS explained. Using printf to format output. Using the read command. env, set, export and unset commands.

Shell Variables

What are shell variables? Using shift and eval within scripts.

Declare Statement

Changing properties of variables with declare.

Bash Scripting Structure

basic structure of a script, Using comments, handling errors. $PATH explained.

Quick Install Links

  • Ubuntu

    Quick installation guide link for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • CentOS 8

    Quick installation guide link for CentOS 8.

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