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Learning Linux

Learning Linux can seem a daunting task as first, however, you shouldn't be scared. Linux is actually quite easy to learn and is no harder than learning any other operating system. Take small steps at a time and build your foundation. Try Linux under VirtualBox, install it on an old computer. Remember there are some fantastic communities online who are more than happy to help anyone starting out with Linux. There are many free Linux books online and videos that you can watch. Good Luck with your journey.

Linux Tutorial - Part 7

Linux Basic Fundamentals Guide and Tutorial

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part 7 of our free tutorial we will be covering more System Administration topics.

We will take a look at "SSH" and "SCP". How to retrieve files using "wget and "curl" utilities.

How to Transfer files across networks using "SFTP". Configuring a SFTP Jail.

Synchronizing files between servers and directories using "rsync".

How to install "NFS and configure a NFS mount (Network File System). A look at message logging and how it works.

How to Reset a root password on your system if you have lost access.

SSH - Secure Shell

How to use SSH to connect to another server securely. Public/Private key authentication.

SCP Command Examples

Securely copying files between servers using scp.

SFTP Command Examples

Securely transferring files between servers using sftp.

Rsync Command Examples

Synchronizing data between servers using rsync.

SFTP Chroot Jail

Creating a secure area for file transfers between users.

SSH Login Banner Pages

Creating custom login banner pages with colour.

wget command examples

How to use the wget command to retrieve files.

curl command examples

How to use the curl command for testing web site access speeds and transferring data.

Resetting a root password

Learn how to reset a root password when you have lost system access.

Journalctl Command

Displaying system log files with the journalctl command.

Log Files

Linux Log files. How Linux manages log files and their locations.

Log Rotation

Log rotation. Managing logs on a Linux system.

su command

Switching users with the su command.

NFS Shares

NFS - Network File Shares.

Shared Memory

Amending Shared Memory on Linux - /dev/shm.

ulimit command examples

Changing user settings using the ulimit command.

Quick Install Links

  • Ubuntu

    Quick installation guide link for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • CentOS 8

    Quick installation guide link for CentOS 8.

Desktop Operating Systems

Server Operating Systems