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Learning Linux

Learning Linux can seem a daunting task as first, however, you shouldn't be scared. Linux is actually quite easy to learn and is no harder than learning any other operating system. Take small steps at a time and build your foundation. Try Linux under VirtualBox, install it on an old computer. Remember there are some fantastic communities online who are more than happy to help anyone starting out with Linux. There are many free Linux books online and videos that you can watch. Good Luck with your journey.

Linux Tutorial - Part 6

Linux Basic Fundamentals Guide and Tutorial

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part 6 of our free tutorial we will be taking a look at Networking.

We will take a look at some of the main protocols: IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP.

We take a look at IP Network addressing and routing, IPV4, IPV6 and CIDR. We look at Subnet Masks, Broadcast Addresses and IP address ranges and Classes.

We look at some of the basic networking commands you need to know, such as "ping", "nslookup", "route", "netstat", "ss", "ip a s", "ip r s" and lsof.

An introduction to configuring Network Interfaces with either static or DHCP assigned addresses.

An introduction to Networking

OSI Network Model, Protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Network Addressing and Routing, CIDR, IPV4 and IPv6, Subnet Masks, Broadcast Addresses, IP address ranges and classes.

DNS and Name Servers

Networking with DNS, "/etc/resolv.conf" Example of DNS servers.

basic Networking Commands

Display IP address. dig, nslookup, ping, traceroute, tracepath, netstat, ss, lsof, netcat, Managing Routes, configuring Static and DHCP IP configurations on interfaces.

Ping command examples

Linux ping command examples.

ip command examples

ip command examples. Display network interface status. Display routing information. Add routes to your interfaces. Assign an ip address using the ip command.

ss command examples

ss command examples. Display connections and port information.

Network Configuration Files

Introduction to the network configuration files found on most Linux distributions. /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/networks, /etc/hostname and /etc/host.conf

Configuring Interfaces

Configuring interfaces on Red Hat based systems. nmtui and nmcli commands. Adding a static IP address. Configuring DHCP on an interface.

Setting a hostname

Learn how to change and view the hostname on a Linux system.

Netcat Command

Learn how to use the netcat networking utility tool. Linux netcat - nc command examples.

Ethtool Command

Learn how to use the Ethtool for displaying and manipulating NIC (Network Interface Card) configurations. Linux Ethtool - command examples.

Lsof Command Examples

Learn how to use the lsof command for displaying open files, connections and port information.

tcpdump command

Packet capture using tcpdump command.

WireShark Packet Capture

Analyse network packets with Wireshark a GUI interface networking tool. Overview of Wireshark.

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  • Ubuntu

    Quick installation guide link for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • CentOS 8

    Quick installation guide link for CentOS 8.

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